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Do you know someone who is seeking for truth but you don’t have the courage to give Bible study invitations? Are you too busy to personally give Bible studies? REST is for you! REST stands for REfer Souls Today.

Refer Souls Today! Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to invite people into a Bible Study. With REST, all you need to do is give us the contact info of your family or your friends and we will be the one to invite them. We will do our best to assist them through any of our Online Bible Courses. We can even go the extra mile by giving them on-phone bible studies. Yup! We got that right!

When you REST:

*You are expressing your care for souls

*You  are helping the work of the gospel

*You are connecting people to the truth

*You are giving people an opportunity to be saved

*You are bridging people to Jesus

Be a Champion of Truth

When you become a Champions of Truth partner with your regular gift each month, you are joining an evangelism family that is making a nonstop difference in individual lives every day.